Gong Xi Fa Cai! - Happy Chinese New Year 2019!

As early childhood Educators and Teachers will agree, an understanding of the relevant local culture and customs is imperative in order to subsequently impart unto children a secure sense of identity and belonging to the environment in which they are nurtured within. One such cultural celebration at FOREST OF STARS takes place during Chinese New Year and is always a spectacular!

Families of the 3 Little Birds preschoolers along with Tinker Tots and Busy Bubs were treated to a dynamic performance by the two 'lions' who visit us annually and carry out their ritual dance led by loud rhythmic percussion! After roaming the entire school and saying goodbye, the 3 Little Birds preschoolers in turn, graced everyone with their own 'lion dance' performance using self-made heads made out of the recycled material we had gathered over the Christmas period.

And of course, no Chinese New Year celebration is complete without a messy and loud round of 'Lou Yee-Sang' (also, made out of 100% recycled material)!!

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